Road6Customs 13" Bagger Bars, Electraglide, StreetGlide, Ape Hangers

Price: $159.99
Width - 36 inch
Height - 13 inch
Color - Flat Black
Model Number - 0067FB

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Price: $159.99
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Product description for Road6Customs 13" Bagger Bars, Electraglide, StreetGlide, Ape Hangers

Product Description

These bars are designed to fit your "Batwing" fairing (Note: Roadglides do not require this type of bar, we have them specifically for Roadglides) Extra wide bottom and special bends are necessary for proper fitting ape hangers on Electraglide models, so we built a set specifically for your bikel. As with all of our bars, these are knurled, and ready for internal or external wiring.


  • 13" Bagger Bars
  • 36" tip to tip
  • 6" pullback

Road6Customs information

Road6Custom is a motorcycle part manufacturer as well as for Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Custom Chrome, Paughco, S&S Cycle, Mid-USA, V-Twin, Bikers Choice/Tucker Rocky, Vance & Hines, Saddleman, Corbin, Papa\'s Leather, Global Vision, LePera, Kuryakyn, Voss Helmets, Mustang seats, Barnett, Kraft Tech, Iron Cross Audio, and many more! All Products made in USA!!!
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